Cabmans shelter

have you ever noticed that the most difficult and trouble-some jobs you have to do are always shoved on to you by some one else?

Things you would never dream of tackling on your own account. well, I have and im going to tell you about a time when i got properly landed.

It was about three years ago. There was a man I didnt know him well. He was a member of my club, and we had the occasional drink together, as one does, but that was about it.

One evening he rang me up and said he was in terrible trouble and can he come round and see me. I said how much do you want? but it wasnt a question of money.

I sat him down in a chair and gave him something to drink and then he told me all about it. He,d got a friend in the country this good lady taken into her head to set up an entertainment in aid of a local charity.

The whole neighbourhood round about was fairly seething with talent. there were any amount of people who knew they could play and sing and recite, and who meant to, so the first hour of the entertainment was to take the form of a concert.

That wasnt the worst.

there was also in the district in the actual process of being formed, an amateur dramatic club. Mrs wilson had some how been blackmailed into the alotting the last two hours of her programme to this amateur dramatic club.they were to do there first play.

I agreed that it all sounded pretty deadly.

He then confessed that in a very weak moment he had started playing frogger again.

I asked him how far he had got with the game, and said it didnt bore me a bit and i play it at

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